Who is the enemy, where is the enemy!!!

Who is the enemy, where is the enemy  !!!

Historically speaking, the Arab rhetoric since the 1967 war was ä high tone chant that said‘’ we will throw them in the sea we will destroy the enemy’’ off-course meaning Israel. Since then we saw a few wars and peace treaties namely with Egypt & Jordan and now under the table talks between the ‘’ Lion of all lions’ and Israel. I wonder what the Lion is telling his fellow animals in the jungle, a jungle that was only good at torturing its own people & burying them alive. I guess the high tone chant was hinting that the true enemy then and now has not changed; the enemy are the people of the land and not the Israelis at all. Israel has been in love and peace with the Lion & the Lion’s father keeping the status quo as is until further notice, while us in Lebanon we have to remain the true resistance turning our country into a jungle that the Lion wishes for.
As the Syrian Lion is making peace and selling us bunch of garbage that he is the real true defender of the faith , his little puppet in the southern suburb of Beirut remain vigilant with his nasty rhetoric giving us all a lesson in nationalism and ethics. I was wondering all this time how to get hold of these ethics, now I know where to order them from. I did not know that the Dahieyeh has such class and wisdom. Maybe we should start exporting this wisdom to the world and turn it into revenues that could increase our GDP.

If he such His Majesty in Dahieyeh is exporting such wisdom and ethics what are his chewing gum mobsters with no shoes & no brains doing in the public streets of Beirut shooting at civilians, what are his thugs, gangs and thieves doing raiding the residential areas and by the way what is the National Army the guard of the nation doing watching? If we wanted an army that plays the def & dumb guard then we would not spend millions of dollars to train and equip this army.

Where is the enemy, who is the enemy? Are the Lebanese people now the enemies of this biggest mobster called Hassan Nasrallah, who is this criminal Nasrallah , & who is he to dictate what he wants on a nation that is older than the Bible. Who is he & who are his Persian terrorists to tell us how we want Lebanon to be.

To the Lebanese and namely the Christians, I say wake up and see what is happening, I ask you to see the day to day aggression, to see how ‘’God’s Party’’ is rapping Lebanon’s integrity and wisdom. See how the real IQ of Lebanon is dropping from 160 + to under 60 because of this thug called Hassan Nasrallah and his number one gangster ally Nabih Berri, who by the way is the biggest enemy of Lebanon and Lebanon’s independence.

To the Lebanese Christians, Nasrallah wants to turn us into a real minority not just by number but by our representation. All what is left now to destroy us before Nasrallah’s final kill is our representation in the Parliament; if we lose the representation, we lose every thing and by the time you find out you have made a mistake, it would be too late and Nasrallah will be laughing by then. If you think for a second that Michel Napoleon Aoun and Nabil Paton Nichola with Gebran IKE Bassil will hold the fort when they are the Trojan horse, you are certainly wrong.

Get your thinking pads out and sit down by your self for a second and ask you’re selves what Lebanon do you want and where do you want Lebanon 50 years from now. For once do not be selfish , do no be greedy , do not be blind, do not let your hatred rule you, do not let your guard down, but let your wisdom and IQ rule you, that same wisdom and IQ that that thug, that gangster that number one murder of Lebanon Nasrallah is trying to take away from you and from the generations to come.

Ask your selves, can have a normal, modern, civilized argument with that Thug Nasrallah and that gangster Berri, can see Lebanon ruled by these criminals ? is this what you want? Is this what you will leave for your children to be, is this the New Leb-Iran you want? Ask your self , ask the people around you and do not mind what the politicians say, just mind what your real heart & brain say.

Muscles & Guns will not solve it, terrorising the people of Lebanon will not solve it and will not bend us from remaining in our paths , the paths to freedom and democracy .

To Nasrallah, Berri & all the mobsters with them, ;Lebanon will remain free from your filthy dirty hands.

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