Army Command releases footage of would-be suicide bomber

Army Command releases footage of would-be suicide bomber

The Army Command – Orientation Directorate released footage of a gunman who was wearing an explosives charge belt loaded with two kilograms of TNT and a kilogram of metal balls.

On May 31, 2005, the man had attempted to blow himself up in an army tanker at the entrance to Ain al-Helweh, a Palestinian refugee camp located in the southern port city of Sidon.

The command said it did not release the footage at the time for safety concerns around the investigation.

Lebanese soldiers shot the man dead on the spot. Earlier reports said he was carrying a hand grenade and wearing a belt containing an explosives charge near a military checkpoint outside the Ain al-Helweh refugee camp. The incident came just hours after a Lebanese soldier was killed in a blast at an army intelligence post near the northern city of Tripoli and another explosive device was defused.

On Monday, Secretary of the Fateh Movement in Lebanon, Sultan Abou al-Ainein, said he would take “precise and urgent” security measures in the Ain al-Helweh refugee camp. Abou al-Ainein noted that anyone “suspicious of any nationality” would not be allowed to live in the camp.

“All Palestinian forces in the camp are convinced that any person who may be a source of concern should be expelled,” he added. The Fateh leader said that the man wearing and explosives charge belt, who was killed by the Lebanese army near a military checkpoint, was probably a Saudi national.

At a press conference in the Rashidieh camp, the Fateh leader said he would deploy over 500 armed members of the Palestinian Kifah, who would be joined by members of “Palestinian coalition forces and Islamists when necessary.”


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