Aoun Should Have Remembered Oct. 13 When he Visited Damascus

Aoun Should Have Remembered Oct. 13 When he Visited Damascus

Minister Nassib Lahoud on Tuesday accused Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun of "forgery" and "cheating," and criticized the MP”s visit to Damascus.

"Enough forgery, enough cheating … You deceived people several times and we won”t let you cheat them again," Lahoud said during a press conference.

Aoun "should have remembered Oct. 13 during his visit to Damascus," Lahoud said in a retort to the FPM leader who a day earlier said that the March 14 alliance”s second conference in BIEL reminded him of Oct. 13.

The Syrian-led military offensive ousted Aoun from power on Oct. 13, 1990, after he fought an abortive "war of liberation" against Syrian forces at the end of the 15-year civil war.

Aoun on Monday also accused Lahoud of holding talks with American officials to give the Syrians the green light to "invade" Baabda Palace.

"Wasn”t he on Oct. 13, 1990 engaging in talks with the Americans to take the green light for Baabda”s invasion?" Aoun asked after a meeting of his Change and Reform bloc.

"I had no link and neither the Lebanese embassy in Washington had a link to the issue of Baabda palace”s invasion," Lahoud, who had served as Lebanon”s ambassador to Washington, told reporters.

He also denied being a member of Saiqa organization, saying he was only a member of the National Liberal Party before forming his Democratic Renewal Movement. He said Aoun showed a "forged" ID that claims the minister was a member of Saiqa.

"I was never a member of Saiqa organization and I don”t know anyone from Saiqa organization," he stressed.

About the June 7 parliamentary elections, Lahoud said: "The March 14 forces will remain intact in Metn … I will not be excluded."

The alliance will form a unified list in Metn in the forthcoming weeks, he said.

Relations with Syria cannot improve unless armed bases in Qoussaya are dismantled, the border is demarcated and the issue of the missing is solved, according to Lahoud.

The Democratic Renewal Movement leader also criticized Aoun for his verbal attacks against Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir, the church, the "free media" and for slandering "martyrs." He slammed Aoun and his FPM for obstructing the presidential elections and "crippling" downtown Beirut during the opposition”s sit-in from Dec 2006 till May 2008.

"Every time a politician got killed he (Aoun) used the martyrdom and tarnished his (the martyr”s) image," Lahoud told reporters.

He said the FPM leader is trying to drag political life into a deplorable level "that does not suit the Lebanese and the Christians."


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