Campaign laws “must be enforced”

Campaign laws “must be enforced”
Baroud Will Not Run in the Legislative Polls

Interior Minister Ziyad Baroud submitted a memorandum on Thursday to the Supervisory Commission on the Election Campaign (SCEC) concerning the monitoring of newspaper articles directly and indirectly related to the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Baroud called on the SCEC to enforce the electoral law limiting the amount of political campaign spending and advertisements allowed in newspapers, and to report any violations.

Also on Thursday, Baroud denied reports that he was running for a seat in the Kesrouan district during the 2009 parliamentary elections.

A statement issued by the minister”s office said he had no intention to run for the elections and would remain committed to managing the elections objectively, while "maintaining the same distance from all political parties and candidates." Baroud is a member of the National Commission on Electoral Law.

"Baroud will remain faithful to President Michel Sleiman”s guidelines and will observe the role the president bestowed upon him," the statement read. – The Daily Star


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