Electoral battles to endorse establishment of true Lebanese state

Electoral battles to endorse establishment of true Lebanese state

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said the purpose of the upcoming parliamentary elections’ electoral battles was to establish “an actual and true Lebanese state,” and that the March 14 alliance’s electoral lists would soon be finalized.

After meeting with March 14 General Secretariat Coordinator Fares Soueid in Maarab on Wednesday, Geagea said that the electoral battle in the Jbeil district was crucial for March 14 “due to the district’s symbolism.”

Soueid, who said he was the March 14 candidate in Jbeil, added that the alliance had “common ground” with the numerous independent candidates, who were also working to “build a stable nation.”

“A stable nation cannot be attained if MPs who believe in allowing weapons outside of the state’s jurisdiction are elected.”

Soueid reiterated that the March 14 alliance would run united and have agreed on a collective election method, despite all the problems that arose when forming electoral lists.
Soueid also said that the electoral battle had an important political nature, especially in Mount Lebanon, where there was a Christian majority.

“The Christian voice,” Soueid said, “will make the difference in these elections, and will contribute in building a unified state with one army and one decision.”

“Voters in Jbeil, Kesrouan, Baabda, Zahle, Metn, Aley, Chouf, Batroun and Zgharta will determine Lebanon’s view and the establishment of the state.”

Soueid also condemned Monday’s attack on the Lebanese Armed Forces in Baalbek that killed 4 soldiers and wounded 13 people.

“The attack on the state and the symbolic Lebanese army is an attack on Lebanon,” he added.
Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea also met with a delegation from the Ramgavar party in Maarab on to discuss the general domestic situation, the upcoming parliamentary elections and the importance of cooperation in the March 14 alliance.

The Armenian party’s delegation included MP Hagop Kassarjian, Ramgavar leader Odyss Dakssian, the leader’s deputy, Wiscan Jamknoyan, and the party’s secretary, Herar Hovivian.

The Armenian delegation informed Geagea that it was “committed to the decision of the Armenian forces in March 14,” a reference to the alliance’s Armenian candidates in the Beirut I and Zahle districts.


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