Nasrallah: May 7 a Glorious Day For the Resistance That Prevented Civil war

Nasrallah: May 7 a Glorious Day For the Resistance That Prevented Civil war

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah described the events of May 7 2008 as a day of glory for the party adding that events on that day prevented Lebanon from slipping into civil war.

"I declare May 7 a glorious day for the resistance in Lebanon. May 7 events prevented a civil war and removed Lebanon from a crisis; it led to electing a president and the formation of a national unity government," Nasrallah said.

He was referring to the events of last May 2008 when the past Saniora cabinet made a decision against the party”s communications network and sacked the head of General Security at the airport on May 5.

"All those that speak of May 7 events should remember what took place on May 5. It is day of shame for the past cabinet. Meanwhile, the wire communications network was the strongest weapon Hizbullah had during the July 2006 war," said Nasrallah.

In a ceremony celebrating the graduation of students at the Sayyed Shouhada complex in Beirut”s southern suburb on Friday, the secretary-general addressed his audience on a number of points while preferring to address the Israeli military maneuvers scheduled next month, the uncovering of the Israeli spy network and the legislative elections on Monday on the party”s Al-Manar TV.

He addressed the graduating students and their families saying: "Our resistance, since the very beginning, has been the Resistance that has the characteristics of will, determination and sacrifice, yet is has also been known to be the Resistance characterized by education, knowledge, specialization and clever minds. This is what our enemies have acknowledged at the battlefields and in confronting the psychological war."

Nasrallah responded to June election concerns and the possibility of a victory by March 8 Forces saying: "They say if the opposition wins the majority we will not participate in a government they would form. I tell those that we would love your participation because this is what we have been calling for, but if you chose not to take part we will not beg you. If you are bargaining on our failure, the answer is the 2883 graduates in this ceremony alone. I tell you that the minds and the hearts and the wills that defeated the strongest state and army in the region is capable of running a country that is 100 times stronger than Lebanon."

He went on to add: "They accuse us of seeking to create an empire in the region, if this is the case, then 10452 square kilometers will not be hard to manage. Like we managed, with Lebanese hearts, minds and sacrifices, to liberate our land and detainees and to protect our country, we are capable God willing to build our country. "

"We look forward to a strong state capable of protecting itself without UNIFIL," the secretary-general said.

He pointed that the parliamentary opposition is seeking to unite Lebanon as one country for one people.

"We look at Lebanon the country of one people, the Lebanese we must openly abandon speaking of Lebanese peoples. We at Hizbullah have rejected the division of Lebanon and shall always do so," Nasrallah said.

The issue of the division of power in Lebanon between Christians, Sunnis and Shiites commonly referred to by local politicians as a tripartite was fully rejected by the secretary-general said "The idea of a tripartite power division was conceived by March 14 Forces and we don”t understand what it means."

"The aim behind the tripartite is to attack the Christians in the opposition," he added.

The secretary-general added that the party looks forward to a judicial authority, which is far removed, from politics and politicians. "In Lebanon we don”t have a judicial authority there are honest judges and bribed judges." Nasrallah said.


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