Polling Boxes Delivered to All Electoral Districts

Polling Boxes Delivered to All Electoral Districts

The Ministry of Interior’s General-Directorate of Personal Status announced that all registrars in Lebanon numbering 47 have opened their doors this morning to follow-up on preparations for Sunday’s election process. The General-Directorate of Personal Status shall continue to receive all citizens who need to receive their new personal identity cards till 5:00pm on Saturday.

EU, Lebanese and international election monitors continue to observe this process throughout the republic on Saturday. The process is expected to be completed by end of day.

Registrar preparations include ready lists of voters and candidates, the electoral law, a registrar guide, the official electoral ordinance, the ordinance for dividing electoral districts the chief registrar and his aid, permission for using vehicles, registrar badges and signs, official chief registrar and aid uniforms, official envelopes, a transparent polling box, official seals, separating curtains, ink, TV monitors etc.

Districts have:

Marjeoun: 146 registrars in 32 towns and villages
Nabatiyeh: 50 electoral centers, 181 registrars in 42 towns and villages.
Jezzine: 102 registrars.
Akkar: 388 registrars spread over 178 electoral centers in 156 towns and villages.
Koura: 103 registrars spread over 46 electoral centers
Zahrani: 148 registrars over 64 electoral centers.


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