Hariri briefed Lebanese Forces on Cabinet Deliberations

Hariri briefed Lebanese Forces on Cabinet Deliberations

Lebanese Forces (LF) MP Antoine Zahra told the Free Lebanon radio station on Wednesday that Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri briefed his bloc and LF leader Samir Geagea on his recent cabinet deliberations on Tuesday night in Maarab, saying, “We are on the right track to form the new cabinet.”

Zahra said the distribution of the sovereign ministries was finalized, adding that the foreign portfolio will be allotted to Speaker Nabih Berri, the defence and interior ministries to the president, and the Finance ministry to the Future Movement.

He said that until now, no ministerial portfolio had been suggested to the LF, stressing that his party should be granted a service ministry that reflects its popular representation.

Zahra also touched on Monday night’s meeting in Maarab, where he said, March 14’s Christian parties met and addressed the overall political situation in the country rather than the cabinet formation. He added that one of the meeting’s intentions was to reiterate March 14’s principles and support of the PM-designate.


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