A Lebanese Week At A Glance

Today we are witnessing two different scenes, one external and the other internal. On the external international level, the American-Saudi front is increasing its stand against Iran with no intention on backing up. As it looks like none of the international players is ready to go into a political discussion, for many reasons:

First the Iranians think they can overcome this pressure and the current situation, as they do not want to offer anything without a return. And usually Tehran lingers at the edge waiting for the moment when Washington will change its priorities, especially that Tehran is acting upon a strategic agenda to enlarge its presence and increase its power in the Middle East by the means of its militias like Hizbullah.

Second, minimizing the Iranian role is part of Washington strategy aiming to promote peace in the Middle East region. All the signs show that the American Administration is firm and not willing to back up facing the Iranians. Reviving the American-Saudi relations and the penalties against Hizbullah, point in that serious direction.

On the other side, the Saudi determination of confronting Iran should not be taken lightly. KSA own existence is at stake here, their influence in the region too, where heat is increasing day after day. What the Iranian President declared earlier this week is dangerous and implies using Lebanon as a card to un-balance or create chaos in the regional scene. This was a clear message to Washington and Saudi Arabia.

On the Lebanese internal front, the real crisis remains between two different ways of thinking. Hizbuallah and his behavior in minimizing the institutional role of the state, and forbidding the action upon its constitution, and the Lebanese Forces’ party insistence that there is no salvation without the constitution and order. That was the message sent by Dr. Geagea this week when he said: A person whose loyalty is not to Lebanon, ain’t allowed to give credits in patriotism.

The political activities remain mostly focused around the Leader of the Lebanese Forces Dr. Samir Geagea in his visit to Australia, and the Lebanese Government meetings and the Governmental Committees.

The coming week will answer lots of questions. President Aoun will have his speech at his on- year ceremony in Baabda Presidential Palace.

The attacks remain focused on the Lebanese Forces party from many parts, either by misinterpreting the LF activities or stands or by just creating wrongful accusations and stories. The last one being in “Al Akhbar” Newspaper where they claimed the Lebanese Forces offered their apologies to the Governor of the Lebanese Central Bank, Riad Salemeh. The LF Media and Communication Division denied it clarifying that the LF Ex. Minister Joe Sarkis visited Riad Salemeh on the personal level to discuss personal and professional business issues as he was not appointed officially by the Lebanese Forces party for that visit.

On the other hand, it is clearly observed that many parties in Lebanon are bringing up again to the table many controversial and problematic national files and issues that were not supposed to be tackled following the presidential settlement, which clearly stated to exclude those files and issues like the normalization of the Lebanese official relations with the Syrian regime, and others.

That behavior comes in parallel to the Lebanese Forces determination to face corruption in many administrative public files like the Electricity or others. Which was also the goal of the LF party, to give hope to people that the new era with the Lebanese Presidential election of Michel Aoun will be able to shift the previously corrupted practices in our governments and public sector. If those practices won’t be changed, at least in some of the files, the Lebanese Forces will not hesitate to withdraw from the current Government.

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