The Sick Mind of Hizbuallah & Iranian Tools in Lebanon – A Week At A Glance

Forty-Eight hours after the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, we witnessed a huge mobilization of Iran’s tools in Lebanon. On the traditional media, TVs and radio stations, Iran’s “Lebanese Spokesmen” and agents started broadcasting one rumor after the other. On the social media front, WhatsApp groups, Twitter, Facebook; it gets event worst.

Conspiracy theories are being thrown left and right, in an orchestrated manner, while roles are being distributed on all 8 March journalists, public figures and social media activist from Hizbuallah and their allies.

The main objective of their campaign is:

Divert the attention from the real problematic national issue (which is the weapons of Hizbuallah and their interference in the region) to an illusion called the disappearance of Hariri.

For that, they used all kind of communication channels to transmit their message:

Memes, songs, videos, articles and Social Media publications of all kinds.

The created propaganda didn’t reach its full objective even though it was intensified after Dr. Samir Geagea TV interview on MTV.

In the below we will enumerate many facts that led to the resignation of Saad Hariri. Facts and actions done by Hizbuallah as a way to pressure and to gain more control over Lebanon.

1- Military parades in Al Dahiya Al Janoubiya (Bouj Al Barajinah) and in Al Koussayr just before the Lebanese Army anniversary.

2- Organizing a trip for journalists on the Lebanese / Israeli borders

3- Messing up the Lebanese Army role in Al Jouroud fight against ISIS while granting them the safe return to Syria against personal benefits for Hizbuallah.

4- Training Houthi militia members in Lebanon and Yemen.

5- Non stop public statements of Iranian officials claiming the political decision of Lebanon is created in Iran.

6- Non stop pressure to normalize the relationship between Lebanon and the criminal regime of Bashar Al Assad despite the worldwide boycott.

7- The statement of Hassan Nasrallah announcing that the in the next war, Hizbuallah will open the doors for hundred of thousands of Arab and Muslim fighters to come and fight in Lebanon. Do you think this is normal?

8- Blocking and raveling all attempts to modernize Lebanon through the government and the parliament.

Hizbullah was obliged to agree on the Presidential settlement between all Lebanese parties and his plan was to destroy the Governmental settlement later on, step by step by brining up to the table controversial subjects that won’t get the approval of all ministers, then by creating clashes between all ministers.

And that day arrived. Saad Hariri resigned. Then we ask ourselves.

1- If Hizbullah and their allies really “Love” Saad Hariri in this crazy sick way, why didn’t they gave him a chance to manage and operate the government when he was running it?

2- If Hizbuallah really cares about Saad Hariri the Lebanese Unity, why are they presenting the case as if we have to choose between Iran and Saudi Arabia? Knowing that this is huge religious and political subject that will always create friction.

3- Why in the new phase of their campaign, they are attacking the Lebanese Forces? Knowing that Dr. Samir Geagea just one day ago declared his full support to Saad Hariri.

4- Wasn’t Iran interfering bluntly in the Lebanese political process? Why Iran is allowed to send money, weapons and logistic support to Hizbullah while other countries are not allowed to have a word, even to defend themselves?

Yes maybe we didn’t expect this timing of Saad Hariri’s resignation, but we know it was supposed to happen at some point, given the path followed by that current Government. The fact remains:

To solve our problems, Hizbuallah must cease all their activities in the Middle East region, they must stop interfering with their military groups in friendly countries such as Kuwait and others. In addition to that, Hizbuallah must give up its arms and weapons in order to build a real Lebanese state, while setting up a new Government with Saad Hariri.

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