FPM and Amal Tension Rises To Its Peak

حجم الخط

The tension between the Free Patriotic Movement and Amal movement is escalating while the national interest and stability require them to contain the situation, especially that mediations have succeeded in the past to keep this tension away from governmental bodies.

In Parallel to the ongoing tensions, the public attention has been shifting towards the upcoming elections, where interest has exceeded the political parties and candidates to include almost every Lebanese citizen.

Meanwhile, Hizbullah’s deputy secretary general Sheikh Naim Kassem denied leaks around Hizbuallah winning majority OR third of seats in parliament, saying “We are not building our speculations based on how many seats we would win, but on the capacity of our representation in parliament, and we are not seeking majority or the third”.

Sheikh Kasem’s statement doesn’t intend that Hizbuallah is being humble to an extent that it isn’t aiming to win majority or third of parliament, but it actually reflects the real situation, meaning that he knows their true capacity and knows well that they’re incapable of winning the third of parliament, thus, trying to avoid setting unachievable goals which they will be held accountable for after the elections.

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