Daily Report: Conflict between Syria and Israel

حجم الخط

All the attention was drawn to the events in Syria, specifically to the clash between Tel Aviv and Tehran on the Syrian-Israeli border after Israeli planes dropped an Iranian drone, followed by the loss of an F-16 fighter jet and Israeli strikes on 12 Syrian and Iranian targets.

The clash was not a coincidence. It came as a result of a combination of factors and elements that were accumulated, reflecting a very complex and precise situation open to various possibilities.

International communities followed up these events intensively, fearing that the situation in the region would degenerate into a massive confrontation, as well as grabbing the national attention to ensure stability in Lebanon and to avoid entering a regional conflict.

What is required at this stage is a firm implementation of the self-distancing policy, keeping Lebanon out of any regional conflict, it’s also required of all parties to abide by the position of the Lebanese government, which exclusively embodies the Lebanese will and expresses the official Lebanese position.

Although it’s in no party’s interest to engage in a regional war, it is not safe to take such a bet, since the strategies of some could change, and reactions may get out of control, and therefore the national interest requires full commitment to the self-distancing policy.

فريق موقع القوات اللبنانية

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