Daily Report: Lebanon gets ready for the elections

Despite the importance of the upcoming parliamentary election for all the political forces with a new electoral law that requires preparation, and since the election is around the corner, the successive events in Lebanon and the region in recent times have not yet cleared the way for an absolute and undisputed electoral priority.

A series of events dominated the election, starting with the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri that he later retracted, to the presidential crisis entitled “the promotions decree”, and then the leaked video, up to the oil crisis with Israel, the demarcation of land and sea borders and the first of its kind clash between Tel Abib and Tehran on Syrian territory.

The events described are not just details and did not only affect public opinion but rather contributed to the creation of a tense political climate, which unfortunately overwhelmed the electoral climate, which requires national consensus isolated from the natural electoral intensity in such entitlements.

The above does not mean isolating Lebanon from the regional developments, where no one has the ability to control its occurrence and course, but at this stage, it is required to transform the country’s notion into pure electoral climate, at an event that’s happening after an extension for a full mandate, and using a law that was made in Lebanon for the first time since 1990, allowing serious competition away from unfair results and creating an occasion to renew political blood and vitality.

In this context, the Lebanese Forces continue the preparations to launch its electoral program in parallel with the negotiations it’s conducting with several political teams to finalize it’s electoral alliances and relies heavily on this election in order to push the state project forward, without which there is no actual resurrection of Lebanon.

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