The Lebanese Forces will prevail again

They unite with a sole purpose to negatively affect the Lebanese Forces in the elections, the only thing in common they have is the fear that the Lebanese Forces will come on top with the new elections law that gives true representation to the people, on the contrary to the old law that was based on simple majority.

They unite in speaking against the Lebanese Forces, having no history, no political plan, no economic or reformative vision, and no stand on the government’s role or external relations in common. They unite against the Lebanese Forces now, but after the 6th of May, they will scatter once again.

For those who don’t know the Lebanese Forces’ history, resistance and breaking the chains of injustice is the essence of our existence, and we were born to protect our community.

They unite against the Lebanese Forces attempting to isolate it, they are a Syrian gathering, buying all mercenaries possible, with a twist of Lebanese, Syrian, Iranian intelligence groups trying to besiege the heroes of the Lebanese Forces in small underground prison cells. We were born from the womb of danger, and we prevailed. Today we are facing a new danger and we say: “Those who drank the river of Syrian occupation, injustice and terror won’t choke on the steam of the elections.”

We are accustomed to much bigger and more dangerous sieges, and just as we won against a stronger, more powerful, and richer enemy, the Lebanese Forces shall prevail once again, see you on the 6th of May.

فريق موقع القوات اللبنانية

خبر عاجل