How will the Lebanese Forces impact the elections

What does the parliamentary election want from the Lebanese forces?

The usual question is: what does this political party want from the parliamentary election? But when this party is the Lebanese Forces, and the parliamentary election is happening in Lebanon, the question becomes reversed.

For the voter, the electoral traditions in Lebanon have been, since the Independence, based on the concept of bribery, personal services, following the majority, last-minute decisions to seize the opportunity for better benefits, and decisions out of spite or grudge for not accomplishing all social duties.

As for the candidate, the electoral traditions have been based on the concept of “the handy-man deputy”, who fails in performing his legislative and national duties to reach the real estate departments or the car registration service on time, “the Mayor deputy”, who ignores his functions as a deputy as per the law, and tracks down all the funerals in his electoral scope to seize the opportunity of gaining more votes, “the Parachuted deputy”, who’s imposed on one of the lists from outside the country to reflect the interests of that country in our parliament, and “the briber deputy”, who stacks his profits from his sketchy deals throughout his mandate and remembers his voters few days before the election and buys them with his “suspicious funds” and so on …

What does the parliamentary election want from the Lebanese Forces? Wants it to restore its good democratic reputation in one of the very few democratic systems in the Middle East. Wants it to change the preconceived ideologies that have been consistent in the minds of people, as the election has been degraded enough with bad attributes that have never been its essence and basic nature, and wants to gain again its respect and fairness. Wants the Lebanese Forces to ignite a white revolution in the face of all the outdated electoral concepts and traditions that have been popular since the independence and which have harmed the election, the voter and the deputy alike, wants true voters and deputies. Above all, the election asks the Lebanese Forces for new, promising, patriotic and honest faces. And the Lebanese Forces does not run for the election only to exceed these expectations…

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