It’s Unacceptable

It’s unacceptable if all that the Lebanese Forces sowed through a long history of struggle was not reaped by coming on top in the elections as a true representative of the people, able to bring back ethics to politics and getting rid of the Machiavellian and Marxist schools.

It’s unacceptable to waste the national principles and ideals that the Lebanese Forces has embraced throughout its hard journey, and not use them as a solid ground for dealing with day to day politics and protecting human rights.

It’s unacceptable to silence the frustration of every resistor since the independence till today, and not turn it into a crucial voice that echoes through to our current political system.

It’s unacceptable for the new generation to leave the battlefield empty for those who don’t understand them. The Lebanese Forces is here and it understands, and it’s able to make the needed difference.

It’s unacceptable for anyone to miss this rare opportunity to move forward in building a strong state, achieving true sovereignty, getting rid of the political jungle, and bringing ethics back to politics. All this will be achieved in one way and one way only, by voting for the Lebanese Forces, the only party that can make a difference.

فريق موقع القوات اللبنانية

خبر عاجل