Happy Saint Patrick Day

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He was captured by Irish pirates during a raid as a teenager and taken to their homeland of Ireland to be kept as a slave. A few years later, he somehow managed to escape his prison to the coast and return to his family but decided to go back once again as a cleric. As a humble Roman Catholic missionary from Britain, he left his home to spread the word of God sometime during the fifth century. Saint Patrick is the sole reason for the conversion of Ireland from polytheism to monotheism in the form of Christianity. He is venerated through all divisions of the church.

March 17 is said to mark the date of his death, therefore, becoming known as Saint Patrick’s Day. This day and this saint are no longer only celebrated in Ireland alone, but all over the world especially in the US where many Irish immigrants reside. This day is commemorated by wearing green and drinking a horrendous amount of alcohol. Naturally, Lebanon is, of course, celebrating this day! Bars all across the nation are having a fun Irish green-themed booze-filled weekend. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Go out and enjoy yourself through the countless bottles of beer and whiskey, or wine if you’re classy. Have a lovely time and may the luck of the Irish be with you, just remember to stay safe and responsible.

Saint Patrick Day Celebrations
Saint Patrick Day Celebrations

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