The Lebanese Forces’ Priorities

Daily Report: The Lebanese Forces' priorities

Daily Report: The Lebanese Forces' priorities

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Dinsdag 3 april 2018

Heated political competition is dominating headlines, and this is normal as we approach the elections, but on the bright side, a certain level of political stability is being maintained, which facilitates the smooth process of the elections.

What’s important is that the heated competition is not affecting political life in the country, the parliament approved the national budget before the CEDRE conference, and the government is attending to the daily issues.

Preparations are on their way for the CEDRE conference which will take place in Paris this coming Friday, in hope that Lebanon will be granted international support in facing its economic and financial struggles that require effective reform to be overcome.

In light of what’s happening, the Lebanese Forces focuses on two priorities.

First, the elections must be dealt with wisely in order for Lebanon to witness a “resurrection” from the current state it’s in, and the responsibility falls on the public and their wise decision to choose whoever carries a political plan able to strengthen the Lebanese state and its role.

Second, The Lebanese Forces will always guard the law, regulations, charter, and transparency, and so far it has succeeded in shedding light on corruption and blocking the way for anyone who tries to pass unlawful projects.

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