Today we remember

Daily Report: Today we remember…

Daily Report: Today we remember…

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Vrijdag 13 april 2018

Every year we commemorate the 13th of April to remember and not repeat, we remember and we learn the following:

First, to always support the state, as it’s the only space for all the Lebanese to unite and the only guarantee for their safety. Second, to never support foreign policies on the account of our national interest. Third, never terminate communications and dialogue, because when words stop, violence becomes the easy way out. Forth, to ensure Lebanon’s neutral position from any conflict in the region.

The roadmap to avoid war is simple: The county and the state come first, always stick to dialogue, and stay neutral no matter what, for it’s the right of every Lebanese citizen to live a normal, safe, peaceful, and prosperous life.

We remember and we hope the war won’t be repeated, but in order to ensure that it won’t ever be repeated, we must abide by the state, and we really hope that the non-abiding parties come to their senses so that we may truly remember the war, but never have to repeat it.

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