Those with no respect don’t deserve to represent the people

Daily Report: Those with no respect don't deserve to represent the people

Daily Report: Those with no respect don't deserve to represent the people

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Maandag 23 april 2018

The past weekend witnessed heated tensions, which is normal considering the election is taking place in 13 days, but what is not normal is for political campaigning to cross the lines of basic national principles.

The Shouf Reconciliation, for example, should be a constant for all political parties since it benefits the whole country in general and specifically the people of the Shouf region regardless of their political and religious affiliations. Political discourse must stay within the guidelines of basic morals and values. Resorting to immorality in campaigning only means that some parties are witnessing a public support crisis leading them to take uncalled for actions. The people who have no respect for martyrs nor reconciliations do not deserve to represent people searching for the adequate representation able to build bridges for the future without resorting to the painful past.

The same applies to the agreement between the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement, it’s clear that the Lebanese Forces cares about the reconciliation while on the other hand,  one of the Free Patriotic Movement’s main candidates uses hate speech in every public appearance, and the OTV station has been attacking the Lebanese Forces saying that the later disapproves of the FPM’s practices, knowing that the Lebanese Forces differentiates clearly between the President’s policy, and Gebran Bassil’s, and does not criticize the Electricity file for the sake of it, it criticizes because it is keen on applying the law and constitution.

As for the attack on journalist Ali El Amin, we believe that this act should not go unpunished, the law must be applied and the criminals should be stopped, for it’s the government’s duty to make sure that all the Lebanese citizens have fair and transparent elections.

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