The Lebanese Forces takes the spotlight

Daily Report: The Lebanese Forces takes the spotlight

Daily Report: The Lebanese Forces takes the spotlight

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Maandag 30 april 2018

Lebanon enters the final week before the elections which have been witnessing immense media activity in all electoral districts, from huge political rallies to the countless expensive TV interviews, and the intense public interest focused exclusively on the electoral battle. Escalated electoral and even political hype is expected this week, and this is normal as we approach the final few days before the elections. The expats voting was the main event over the past few days, marking it the first of its kind in history, and it has three main indicators.

First, the importance of the new electoral law that’s being viciously fought, we can not but recognize it as an achievement, especially that it involves the expats. 

Second, the enthusiasm our expats showed even though transportation and logistics were hard, the enthusiasm was clearly seen in the long waiting lines, as well as in the genuine happiness on people’s faces who were waiting for ages for this day to come. 

Third, the high level of organization the Lebanese Forces showed, the voting process was the event, but the Lebanese Forces certainly took the spotlight, it proved that it is present in every corner of the world and that it has wide support. 

The numbers show that the general voting rate is 44%, 58% of which are Christian votes, and 47% of Christians have voted. 

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