The election law in the era of political parties

Daily Report: The election law in the era of political parties

Daily Report: The election law in the era of political parties

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Dinsdag 1 mei 2018

Democratic systems are based on the presence of political parties who compete, based on clear electoral programs, in order to reach a seat of power and achieve these programs.

The system in Lebanon is democratic, but up-until the near past, the electoral law allowed name crossing and candidate mixing. The lists were a combination of politically clashing candidates who have nothing in common but their names on one list. This bill is then taken by the voters, dropped in the ballots in hopes to please everyone, or to keep all their options open. Thus, the very notions and ideals of democracy are undermined and replaced by family loyalties and personal relationships.

The electoral law of 1960, which was implemented in the past, was the law of opposing wills, numerous loyalties, scattered commitments, and contradicting electoral programs within one list which is far from the concept of political parties who have one political identity, one commitment, one political program – which in term are essential for the growth and development of politics in any respectable democratic system.

The new electoral law which is based on proportionality, and includes locked electoral lists that do not permit any name crossing or the multiplicity of political and personal loyalties, became the perfect system for political parties and placed them all on the right path towards a sane democratic life. This democratic life starts with political coalitions that pursue politics according to scientific theories and ideals.

If some voters have deeply rooted personality issues which allow them to say that they only voted for a candidate without being supportive of the others on the list, or the party that formed the list this candidate is part of, in an attempt to differentiate between the political party and some of its candidates, then first, it’s their problem with the electoral law, and second it’s their problem with their multiple, opposing loyalties. Their problems also lie in their archaic mentality which has not been able to comprehend that true democracy is based on loyalties to political parties and not traditional members. Their problem is their miscomprehension of a famous concept in physics which states that large objects pull smaller objects towards them and not the other way around.

As for the Lebanese Forces, it is in complete harmony with itself, and with all its candidates. The party has come to an agreement with them regarding every intention, plan, and project prior to and post the elections. Together with the Lebanese Forces’ parliamentary coalition, we will meet again on the 7th of May.

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