Vote for the strong party

Daily Report: Vote for the strong party

Daily Report: Vote for the strong party

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Donderdag 3 mei 2018

Voters are not supposed to hesitate when giving their preferential vote to the Lebanese Forces, for the following reasons:

First, the Lebanese Forces is not new on the political scene, and thus, its history, views, and practices are very well-known, and those who vote for the Lebanese Forces are voting for a tried and tested political party with a recognized track-record: Martyrdom at the country’s altar, and the struggle for freedom and a powerful state.

Second, the Lebanese Forces is not power-hungry, nor does it seek power for the sake of it, rather, it opposes this power-driven mentality that is not supported by any principals, case, plans or spirituality which led Lebanon to its current state.

Third, the Lebanese Forces is a sovereign force for all Lebanon, because without sovereignty, there wouldn’t be any country or state. Thus, achieving sovereignty benefits every Lebanese citizen who wants to live in security, stability, peace, and prosperity.

Fourth, the Lebanese Forces, at its core, is a reformative power, free from corruption and corrupt people — and considers corruption as a cancer which devours the body of the state as it has already done in reality. Moreover, corruption weakens patriotism, drives citizens to look out for themselves, and creates vast distances between the people and the state.

Fifth, the Lebanese Forces has the courage to apologize when necessary in order to better serve the country, whereas others, do not know the meaning of the word.

Sixth, the Lebanese Forces prioritizes reconciliation, for without it, there can be no discussions about living together in harmony. Hence, reconciliation is at the essence of its national beliefs.

Seventh, the Lebanese Forces believes in change and development driven by values that embody its spirit and resistance. The party is working to reconnect politics with ethics, away from the cheese-eaters.

Eighth, the Lebanese Forces incorporates three paths: First is the historical founding path that made Lebanon what it is, based on culture, partnership, and impartiality. Second is the true, Lebanese, resisting path which prevents time from repeating itself. And third is the ethical and moral path, without which, Lebanon would lose its essence and mission.

Ninth, the Lebanese Forces brings together past, present, and future as it is the never-ending resistance. It was and will always be the spearhead against the plots to dissolve Lebanon, and the spearhead against Syrian guardianship and the spearhead against whoever plunders the state’s role and decisions, and whoever attempts to corrupt it while turning corruption into a culture.

Finally, the Lebanese Forces promises and keeps its promises, and it does not announce what it cannot provide, unlike most political parties who turned their electoral programs and campaigns into a battle of ideas and projects that come to an end as soon as the elections do. Therefore, voting must go to the party that can commit, and this commitment draws its strength from the weight and size of the political team behind it, who has a firm hold on its goals and the persistence to achieve these goals. Regarding this matter, there are three scenarios to consider:

The first scenario represents those who promise but do not keep. The second represents those who promise, but due to lack of efficiency and influence, cannot keep their promises. The third scenario represents those who promise and deliver due to their ability to influence and act, which is supported by their weight and strength. The third scenario applies to the Lebanese Forces, and thus, it would be a great crime to waste votes on those who cannot bear the people’s worries, pains, national aspirations, or their sovereign and reformative goals.

Therefore, invest your vote towards a better Lebanon, invest your vote in the Lebanese Forces.

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