The Lebanese Forces is about its values

Daily Report: The Lebanese Forces is about its values

Daily Report: The Lebanese Forces is about its values

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Vrijdag 4 mei 2018

The Lebanese Forces embarks on its national responsibilities with a countless number of martyrs, captives, and wounded heroes, which greatly exceeds any number other political parties are aiming for in seats from here or there. The Lebanese Forces has already achieved it.

The Lebanese Forces does not compete with anyone for electoral yield, because its own national yield, numerically, morally and politically surpasses all other accounts. the Party can boat its history, origins, and resistance as well as denounce what has happened to Lebanon’s struggle for sovereignty. It can also hold its head up high and look forward to a bright future based on the firm foundations of its past and present.

When Queen Victoria of England was asked about the secret of Britain’s Strength and glory, she pointed to the Holy Bible and said,”this is the secret of Britain’s strength.” She did not refer to the diamond-studded crown, nor to the Big Ben, nor Buckingham Palace, nor to the glories of the royal court and its hired, petty poets, rather she pointed to what truly makes Britain great — Faith and Consciousness.

When the Lebanese Forces is asked about the secret of its strength, despite the sieges, attempts at isolating and marginalizing it, and all the rumor-spreading, it points to all the names engraved in the woods of Tabriyya and Elige, and to each and every shrine and memorial planted at every corner around its free streets. there, and nowhere else, lies the secret of its strength and greatness.

Those who lecture on services and development, without sacrifices or a conscience, want to turn our society into a consumerist one that suffers from dementia. A society that is bought and led by thieves. A society astonished by fancy lights and festivals that make it turn a blind eye to the tears of mothers and orphans. This is not the Lebanese Forces’ legacy.

Our legacy is not one of money and services, nor is it a legacy of fashion shows, cinemas, and parties — even if we are a life-loving and modern democratic party. Modernism, for us, is an innovative, intelligent and evolved method to better serve our legacy, mission, and struggle. It is not an end-result on its own where true fighters become out-dated, the cause becomes old-fashioned, and faith becomes an archaic slogan.

Our legacy is our martyrs, our glorious history, our faith and all the generations within our ranks who struggled — and that’s what keeps the Lebanese Forces firm in it place against all obstacles and challenges.

Everyone has the money, the services, and the power to dazzle, and these often surpass what the Lebanese Forces has. But, our legacy is our national, moral and ethical entitlement that distinguishes us from the rest, and puts us at the forefront of excellence.

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