The effect of the Lebanese Forces post-elections

Daily Report: The effect of the Lebanese Forces post-elections

Daily Report: The effect of the Lebanese Forces post-elections

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op dinsdag 8 mei 2018

Amongst the most prominent implications revealed following the recent parliamentary elections is the fact that the popular mood seems to be inclined to supporting political parties, as the public opinion firmly believes that their national demands can solely be carried by those parties and the major political blocs. This, however, does not undermine the worth of the independent figures, but the political reality that emerged from the elections clearly indicated that the general trend of people’s votes is supportive to the parties.

This advancement in the political realm deserves to be pointed out because it depicts an actual political awareness, since the parties are single-handedly capable of combining both, the carrying out of major national, sovereign, life and reform projects and pushing for their implementation, as well as the actual local situations of the Lebanese people and the follow up to their affairs and regional arguments.

It is common knowledge that the actual treatments to the peoples’ problems are general remedies, in the sense that the local services are crucial, but are considered in one way or another as partial and local sedatives, while the authentic solutions to people’s concerns and their demands necessitate pushing towards the establishment of an effective state that upholds its strategic decision and acts in accordance with the constitution and its reciprocal laws as opposed to the corrupt logic of transactional deals, brokering and political patronage.

And if the “Lebanese Forces” has succeeded, with all the weight it carries within the institutions,  to influence the national, governmental and daily life policies, then its impact in the new and upcoming phase will be amplified due to the public authorization it gained, which significantly translated in the parliamentary results and will eventually translate in the ministries.

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