Lebanese Forces presence in government non-negotiable

Daily Report: Lebanese Forces presence in government non-negotiable

Daily Report: Lebanese Forces presence in government non-negotiable

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Vrijdag 11 mei 2018

It is evident that most political Parties do not want to pre-empt constitutional entitlements by discussing the forming of the new government, before the end of the current term, and by calling for the election of a speaker, deputy speaker, and a council for the coming term — nor do they want to pre-empt this formation before the commissioning. Yet, despite this fact, the media is focusing on the formation of the new government and its size, in addition to the number of ministers and ministries each Party demands.

There is no doubt that it is early to delve into the details of this formation before the mandate of the new parliament and the end of the consultations around it. However, this does not mean that the political Parties have not started preparing for this upcoming entitlement — rather, these preparations remain internal and related to each Party’s visions, size, and role in the new government.

Furthermore, it is well-known that the Lebanese Forces does not seek power for the sake of it, but it does so in order to achieve its national objectives and projects. Therefore, if the party is given the chance, through its participation in the new government, to carry-on with the projects it has already started in the last term, it will not hesitate to take this chance with regards to its new parliamentary weight, widespread popularity, and the Maarab Agreement which will govern the current and upcoming stage.

The Lebanese Forces will not, without a doubt, offer its presence in the government as a gift to any Party, especially since its participation has become a popular demand linked to the Party’s transparency in handling public affairs, which has become a successful model for all. Moreover, the Lebanese Forces, a firm believer in the development and advancement of institutions from the inside, sees that its new size in parliament allows it to double its influence on national and governmental policies — thus, enabling it to more effectively execute its sovereign and reformist mission to reach a state that truly reflects the people’s aspirations and goals.

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