No recess in Maarab

Daily Report: No recess in Maarab

Daily Report: No recess in Maarab

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op maandag 14 mei 2018

Some would conceive that the time interval between the end of the current term of the parliament and the beginning of the new elected term is a period of political vacation before the election of the House Speaker, his deputy, the new Bureau of the Council, and finally the consequent formation of  the new government. However, Maarab is absolutely not resting, since it considers this a transitional stage for the establishment of the next phase which requires close, diligent and accurate follow-up.

The Lebanese Forces wants to maintain its most recent victory and let it prosper through the government which will govern during the next four years, and will thus be the second-term and final government of this presidential era, since the succeeding government which will take-over after the 2022 elections will be short-termed due to its restriction by the next presidential elections. Hence, this makes the role of the forthcoming government of utmost importance and accuracy.

This interim period between the parliamentary elections and the formation of the new government will be subject to intensive negotiations and subjective lobbying before the reveal of the balanced distributions of the relative ministries and the auspicious debut of the government. Therefore, internal political consultations and negotiations with various political teams have begun as a sequel to this intermediate phase.

There is certainly no doubt that the first and foremost step will be with the Lebanese Forces leader, Dr. Samir Geagea, inviting his parliamentary bloc, ” The strong republic” to an exclusive meeting by the end of the week in order to agree upon a unanimous position regarding the election of the House Speaker, his deputy and finally the new Bureau of the Council. This step establishes the official launching of the governmental commissioning and formulating which is predicted by some to be an easy and natural process, yet is expected by others to be a challenging task due to the complications imposed by certain parties.

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