Attention shifts to the government formation

Daily Report: Attention shifts to the formation of the government

Daily Report: Attention shifts to the formation of the government

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Dinsdag 15 mei 2018

Lebanon is expected to witness a drop in political tension now that the elections are over,  and tranquility is a necessity so that the process of forming the new government may pass smoothly.

All political parties are expressing their will in swiftly forming the government, but the obvious complications create an atmosphere of obscurity around the unofficial negotiations that have started between political parties in preparation for the official talks and consultations.

Talks are revolving around the formation of the government with a tone of certainty about the House Speaker and Prime Minister, but matters are still vague as to how many votes and how much support each will get, while all efforts are being put into providing the best political circumstances for the formation to occur.

On that note, House Speaker Nabih Berri visited President Michel Aoun after his suspension of all visits to the presidential palace, the timing of the visit is very critical as it comes a week prior to the appointment of the new House Speaker, indicating that bridges are being built between the two parties, and the next phase is being discussed broadly.

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