Anis Nassar for deputy house speaker

Daily Report: Anis Nassar for deputy house speaker

Daily Report: Anis Nassar for deputy house speaker

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Donderdag 17 mei 2018

The focus, starting today, will be on the upcoming week, when the current term of parliament ends and the new one begins with the election of the Speaker, his deputy, and the Council, after which, there will be consultations around the commissioning and then the formation of the government.

The coming week begins with the meeting of political coalitions who will vote in two directions: Parliament and the commissioning of the Prime Minister. The Parties will also announce their vision for the next government with regards to policy, and if the names of the Speaker and Prime Minister are settled. However, all options are open as to who the Deputy House Speaker will be.

Minister Gebran Bassil’s press office confirmed that his bloc’s decision regarding the House Speaker, his deputy, and the council will be decided after its next meeting and that everything issued in this regard remains unofficial and falls in the context of political analysis. The leader of the Lebanese Forces bloc nominated elected deputy Anis Nassar for the position of Deputy House Speaker. He has already begun with his meetings — relying on the support of the Lebanese Forces, the Future Movement, and the Progressive Socialist Party, in addition to numerous other individuals, for a democratic battle that will take shape in the coming week due to the fact that there is no officially declared candidate other than Nassar.

With the start of official consultations next week, it is possible to talk about a quick or slow process of formation. Furthermore, the consultations are able to demonstrate the demands of political blocs and how to come to terms with them. Moreover, these consultations will show whether there are intentional obstacles to the formation. Concurrently, the focus of political attention resided in the new US-Saudi sanctions on Hezbollah, which are part of the ongoing and escalating confrontation between Washington and Riyadh on the one hand and Hezbollah on the other.

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