A new phase on the horizon

حجم الخط

Daily Report: A new phase on the horizon

Daily Report: A new phase on the horizon

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op vrijdag 18 mei 2018

President Michel Aoun confirmed in a statement that, “the post-election phase will witness the formation of a new government founded on national unity.” This is an evident sign that there will not be a government based on parliamentary majority, and that the future focus will be on the formation of a government which reflects the balanced atmosphere witnessed in the parliamentary elections.

It is well-known that all hopes are high, during President Aoun’s term, regarding the new government — while most political Parties insist on drafting solutions and proposals for economic, living, and social issues, which in terms, facilitate people’s lives who are eagerly waiting for this new phase.

Therefore, it is crucial to hasten the formation process while the local momentum, brought forth by the dynamic and lively elections, is still there, and to benefit from the international momentum that brought forth numerous conferences that support Lebanon on the financial, economic, security and institutional level.

However, to hasten does not entail the negligence of facts and the reality of the situation advanced by the elections, for true reform starts with the people’s knowledge that this new stage is characterized by a new approach and essence — giving each and every side its right with respect to the constitution while disregarding personal profits and goals.

At the moment, the US-Saudi sanctions on Hezbollah have grabbed substantial attention due to their effect on the political situation, and especially the formation of the new government — whereas others believe that the current events will accelerate this formation to keep Lebanon stable and away from the regional turmoil and the Syrian crisis.

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