Enough lies and deception

حجم الخط

Daily Report: Enough lies and deception

Daily Report: Enough lies and deception

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op dinsdag 22 mei 2018

The head of the “strong republic” bloc, Dr. Samir Geagea, assures that the decision to cast a blank ballot during the upcoming House Speaker Elections has nothing to do with the persona of the former speaker, Nabih Berri, with whom  the  Lebanese Forces party  is on respectfully good terms, yet it is majorly based on Berri’s strategic connection to Hezbollah. Moreover, the party remains consistent and insists on the stances it took in 2005 and 2009.

Through this position, the Lebanese Forces proves, yet again, that it has no regard for personal considerations and will not condone any tactical alliances that would undermine or overlap its principles, especially those specifically related to the establishment of a strong state, which makes its own strategic decisions and has autonomous control over its territory.

Even if the Lebanese Forces considered voting for President Berri, some might misconstrue this as a plot or subversion, against the minister of foreign affairs, Gebran Bassil; the kind of conspiracies, that history has proven, only apply to him; while the Lebanese Forces has always been consistent and true in its principles, positions, and alliances.

As for the Parliamentary Vice –Presidency, the Lebanese Forces’ position has always been clear. While the Shiite consensus generated from the recent elections, grants them the right to hand-pick the parliamentary president, it does allow them to dictate his deputy in light of the Christian counter-balance that was revealed in the same elections.

The Lebanese Forces, simply considers this a democratic battle based on principles, which also precludes  the restriction to a single candidate or one political reality, and consequently preserves the democratic right to choose; (and Congrats to the winner.)

The Electricity file remains overshadowed by the deceptions and lies about the victories and heroism of some.  However what was decided in the last session of the government, before being put in place as a caretaker government, contradicts everything they claim to stand for, while the governmental reports document their refusal to look into the book of terms and conditions, as well as exploring other options, especially those outside the framework of Turkish ships. Also their refusal in referring back the Bureau of tenders despite the government’s recommendation. All this confirms that the Lebanese Forces’ proposal was right all along, and if they admitted their mistakes, we would have actually had 24/7 electricity. so enough lies and deception.

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