Different angles to Geagea’s participation

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Daily Report: Different angles to Geagea's participation

Daily Report: Different angles to Geagea's participation

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Donderdag 24 mei 2018

The only surprise witnessed in today’s governmental consultations is Dr. Samir Geagea’s visit to the presidential palace, this visit can be analyzed from three angles.

From a personal angle, confirming that the dispute with Minister Bassil has no effect on the relationship with President Michel Aoun.

From a political angle, showing full support to the presidency, and the Maarab agreement, as well as the continued cooperation with President Aoun, especially after electing him president of the republic.

From a governmental angle, stressing that the new government should reflect the parliamentary results that created a Christian duality which cannot be disregarded. Dr. Geagea gave an example of the Shiite duality where partnership is respected despite the difference in parliamentary and public representation, where Amal Movement has 18 members of parliament while Hezbollah has only 13, and the difference between the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement is only 3 members of parliament, while the difference in preferential votes is almost negligible. 

The fresh start would be truly fresh if the strong powers were represented in government, if the results of the parliamentary elections were to be taken into consideration, if the concept of cooperation was to be applied, if governmental and parliamentary responsibilities were to be separated, if young, trustworthy faces are to be seen in government, and if a new path was to be created based on respecting and following the law.

Finally, we wish Prime Minister Hariri the best of luck in forming the new government the public awaits, in hope of a positive shift on all levels. 

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