Bassil’s failed campaign against the Lebanese Forces

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Daily Report: Bassil’s failed campaign against the Lebanese Forces

Daily Report: Bassil’s failed campaign against the Lebanese Forces

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op vrijdag 25 mei 2018

The only way to achieve stability is through fair representation in government based on the results of the parliamentary elections, and anything other than this will not lead to the much-needed productivity.

The Lebanese Forces is keen on preserving the reconciliation and the Maarab agreement, and it is aware that all the present-day and upcoming achievements will be credited to the current presidential term; however, it is of utmost  importance to respect the parliamentary elections that resulted in two main Christian blocs, which cannot be disregarded and must be translated in government.

Moreover, it turns out that Minister Gebran Bassil’s campaign against the Lebanese Forces has the sole purpose of belittling the Party’s victory in parliament in an attempt to isolate it from the government in fear of it’s transparency and respect to the law.

Just as it never gave up on its principles and goals, the Lebanese Forces will never give up on the people’s given trust, and it will move forward in building the sovereign state it aims for — a state free of corruption and up to everyone’s standards, and that is why the Lebanese Forces’ presence in government is a necessity.

The elections resulted in two main competing Christian powers which should be represented equally in government since equality serves the presidency, and although the Lebanese Forces is keen on empowering the President, this does not mean that the party will accept the separation between the president’s portion of ministers and the Free Patriotic Movement’s portion, because if so, then why doesn’t Prime Minister Hariri ask for a separate portion of ministers on top of the Future Movement’s portion? And the same applies to House Speaker Nabih Berri and the Amal Movement’s portion.

What is needed, simply, is equality, and to work with each other as partners, after all, this is the only way to serve the national interest, the agreements, reconciliations, and it is the only way to achieve the strong state.

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