Regardless of what they call it, the aim is one…

حجم الخط

“Daily Report”: Regardless of what they call it, the aim is one...


Demeaning, disrupting, isolating, weakening, disabling; these words conform to a sole purpose; one that should be dismantled considering the harm it’s causing to the renewed debut of the parliament.

This is not the approach of the Lebanese Forces, the facilitator of the presidential predicament, whose ministerial accomplishments were a major asset to the country and to the current presidential term by virtue of its transparency and its adherence to the constitution and its reciprocal laws. However, its approach is based on the urge to overpower the situation that is disrupting the plans of sovereignty and reform.

The strategy consists of either isolating or belittling, to achieve the very same objective of preventing the Lebanese Forces from exercising their national, supervisory and reformative roles as required.

Once again, the goal remains to disrupt the role of the Lebanese Forces within the institutions for two main reasons; the first is to keep the same old abusive policies, those that make people lose hope in the promising term that ought to deliver them, to a certain extent, from the preceding corrupt stretch of failure, brokering and political patronage. Yet, the problem lies with those who abuse and impair both the new term and the Lebanese Forces, and consequently harm the nation.

The second reason is to weaken the Lebanese Forces, that earned trust and credibility, and proved that the people actually want to return to the conformities of the constitution and the law, while there are those who are trying to isolate it under the fear that an institution-based state might prosper.

Finally, the Lebanese Forces shall not reveal its ministerial portion size, and is keen on its constructive negotiations in order to establish a respectable governmental share that reflects the parliamentary elections results, and embodies the aspirations of the people who have hope in the coming phase

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