The Lebanese Forces is an added value

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Daily Report: The Lebanese Forces is an added value

Daily Report: The Lebanese Forces is an added value

Geplaatst door Lebanese Forces op Woensdag 30 mei 2018

The basic question everyone is asking today is: Who is trying to exclude the Lebanese Forces from government? And Why? The public is used to attempts at pressuring the Lebanese Forces because of its sovereign position, but now the public stands confused at the isolation attempt the Lebanese Forces is witnessing, especially after its performance in the last government.

The public believes that the Lebanese Forces presence in government is a necessity because it acts as a window of hope towards the country we dream of, a country that respects the law and constitution, and is far from corruption.

The people concerned know that there are three impossibilities, it is impossible to exclude the Lebanese Forces from government because a cabinet without the Lebanese Forces loses its credibility, it is impossible to belittle the Lebanese Forces because obviously, a campaign like this is based on lies, and it is impossible to disregard the results of the parliamentary elections because the public will hold responsible whoever is trying to twist the facts.

Appointed Prime Minister Saad Hariri made it clear that the Lebanese Forces’ presence in government is an added value, this is also the opinion of a big portion of the Lebanese people, it is an added value to the government, the state, and the presidency, and the people need its presence in order to move the country to a better phase.

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