Bassil is compelled… and condemned

حجم الخط

There are no particular differences between the heir of the Free Patriotic Movement Gebran Bassil and the founder of said Movement General Michel Aoun. They are practically two sides of the same coin, a replica undistinguished from the original and, to be fair, Bassil is paying the price of this resemblance.

Mr Bassil, a newcomer when it comes to attacking Hizbulla with a trial period that expires on the date of the elections, is bargaining with what he no longer possesses after squandering his legacy to insure himself a privileged life. What’s left from his inheritance resides in the forgetfulness of the people as opposed to their good memory, and that people, in general, fear change.

Your inability to provide electricity is proof you lack any honor, your dams are damned, your borders are border-less, your partnerships are built on godforsaken deeds. “Squanderer” is what best describes you, you ruin everything you touch, you jinx everything you see, you’ve surrendered to your inner desires and allowed to let through what you publicly stated “cannot be let through” for fifteen long years, five of which is during Aoun’s Presidential time. Bassil is a harmful person not a hero.

Fact of the matter is, the Lebanese Partnership is doing great; a partnership of corruption built at the expense of people’s suffering. Samir Geagea, leader of the Lebanese Forces Party, is the one who restored the actual Partnership that only lasted for ten months, from Maarab Agreement until General Aoun was elected president, by refusing that a Christian leader would be imposed by the Muslim partner. Only Samir Geagea and his comrades transcended all their injuries for the sake of a good Partnership in order to move a wounded Lebanon to a state of complete recovery, and he shook your hand thinking he’s dealing with men of honor, only to find out that your honor was left in the custody of Mar Mkhayel Agreement, and that you have chosen slavery over freedom, unlike the freemen and the heroes of Ain el Remmaneh.

There is no more hope, Mr “Representative of the People until further notice”. Win or lose is inconsequential. You lost long before the election date due to your evil actions, your fake promises, your backstabbing, your disrespect for everyone who volunteered to help you. You’ve exhausted Aoun’s Presidencial time with the vilest politics for your personal gain, you gambled with the future of an entire country, you became no longer trustworthy with every back you stabbed, you lost your credibility with every speech you made, you were conceited enough to believe that you were smart enough to accumulate wealth (so you say) but you became a coward when time came for you to face the penalties. You can’t put price on pride or on dignity. Review the pictures and the videos of “the invasion of Ain el Remmeneh” maybe you’ll then learn the importance of having a dignity from the people of Ain el Remmemeh, and maybe then you’ll realize that even if you sold your entire fortune in auction, you wouldn’t have enough money to buy your pride or dignity back.

In conclusion, there is no commotion, no smoke grenade, no sound grenade that can divert the attention from the atrocities that you have committed. Had I had the least respect for you, I’d have advised you to practice silence. But it doesn’t matter; after the rain, the sun. continue with what you’re doing. It no longer holds importance.

Free Translation from Arabic by Maro Slaiby

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